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Street Department normal working hours: 7:00 AM thru 3:30 PM  weekly    

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Street Department Key Personnel

P.W. Director                   Bill Silvers             (251)974-5681
Street Foreman                Rick White
Shop Foreman                   Buford Haygood      (251)974-5620


The purpose of the Street Department is to maintain all streets and rights of way in the city.  This includes mowing of rights of way, maintenance of drainage ditches along streets, and daily trash pick up along the city streets.  Also picked up daily are limbs, leaves and pine straw set along side the road by residents cleaning their yards.  This department also maintains all vehicles and equipment for the city.

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In the past years several miles of streets have been paved, and the remainder of dirt roads are being prepared for pavement in the next few months.  The first bike path installed was approximately 1.5 miles in length.

The city has upgraded a large amount of equipment in this department, including shop equipment, which has improved the productivity of the department.


The department has started some landscaping which, if expanded, will beautify the city streets and public areas.

Completion of bike paths throughout the city.

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