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Orange Beach Planning Commission

Tuesday, October 8, 2002 - 5:00 P.M.

A. Call to Order

B. Roll Call

C. Approval of Minutes - August 13, 2002 and September 10, 2002

D. Public Hearings

1. #1001-PUD-02 – Request for Preliminary and Final Planned Unit Development (PUD) Zoning and Master Plan Approval – Phoenix on the Bay II. Applicant: William T. Robinson, Jr. Owner: Brett Real Estate, Robinson Development Company, Inc. Applicant requests to rezone from MR (Marine Resort) to PUD (Planned Unit development) to build eight-story condominium at 27582 Canal Road.

2. #0906-ZT-02 – Zoning Text Amendment – Site Plan Review Violations. Adoption of fee for commencement of work prior to site plan approval.

3. #1007-ZT-02 – Zoning Text Amendment – Article 12.06 Enforcement. Amend Zoning Ordinance to change the word citation to notice.

4. #1008-CPA-02 – Comprehensive Plan Amendment. Proposed Comprehensive Plan Amendment to establish a method and procedure for updating the Comprehensive Plan.

5. #0804-ZT-02 – Zoning Text Amendment – Article 7.03, Procedure for Approval of a Planned Unit Development. Amend Article 7.03 to be consistent with Article 12.0702 stating that a rezoning application may be submitted once every twelve (12) months and to clarify that a PUD rezoning occurs at the Final PUD Development or Master Plan Approval submittal.

E. New Business

1. #1002-SD-02 - Request for Final Plat Approval – The Fish Camp @ Orange Beach Subdivision. Applicant: Richard Cobb. Owner: Fish Camp Properties, LLC. Located on 8.68+ acres at 25773 Canal Road.

2. #1003-SP-02 – Site Plan Review - Canal Cafe. Applicant and Owner: Danny Duke. Build restaurant at 26981 Canal Road.

3. #1004-SD-02 – Request for Final Plat Approval – Beaver Creek Subdivision – Phase I. Owner and Applicant: Jim Brown. Located on 49+ acres at 22600 Canal Road.

4. #1005-SP-02 – Site Plan Review – Harrison Commercial Bldg. and Boat Storage. Applicant: Steven Harrison. Owners: Steven and Lisa Harrison. Build commercial building and boat storage at 26830 Canal Road.

5. #1006-SP-02 – Site Plan Review – J&M Tackle Boat Storage. Owner and Applicant: Louise Giannini. Construct boat storage behind J&M Tackle at 25125 Canal Road.

F. Old Business

1. #0901-SPA-02 – Modification to Site Plan – Summerchase Common Area. Applicant: Gerald T. King, Managing Agent. Owner: Summerchase Homeowners Association, Inc. Addition of indoor pool at Summerchase Condominiums.

2. #0903-SD-02 – Request for Preliminary and Final Plat Approval – Express Village Subdivision. Applicant/Owner: John McInnis, III, Baldwin County Bridge Company. Divide one lot into three lots. Located on the north side of Canal Road (Hwy 180) adjacent to the Foley Beach Express.

G. Other Business

1. #0401-SPA-02 – Bayshore Towers. Request extension of Site Plan.

H. Adjournment


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